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Rodeo San Antonio

Winos at the San Antonio Rodeo.

Well if you think you can’t find good wine at the Rodeo. Your wrong. They have wine selection is good.

I found myself at the wine garden. Go figure. Well, opening night was a hit. The service was exceptional and I found the hostess quite informative.

We tasted the Messina Hof Sangiovese I believe it was the 2015. The wine was a delight. It had a rich full body taste, yet not to dry taste. It was a wine you could enjoy walking around the rodeo grounds or with a meal. The acidity was well proportioned with the earthiness of it wine. This is a good red for someone who may be just starting to drink reds. It got this wine girl thing she needs to take a trip out to the winery again.

A big Texas sized Thank you to my fellow Wino Gracie and her brother Mario Flores of the Mario Flores and the Soda Creek Band for having us as his guests. The show he put on was phenomenal. I hadn’t had that much fun listening to live music in awhile. If you get a chance check out their website at

UTSA game and wine tasting.

Wine Tasting and UTSA college football 🏈 it doesn’t get any better then that…except when shared with great neighbors and friends. This crazy wine lady is blessed to have both today. A special thank you to our host Rich for inviting us to his event.

Today we tried a Pinot Grigio from Ecco Domani. This wine can be found readily available.

It’s light with the crisp fruit forward flavors you expect from a Pinot Grigio. I found it to have a nice finish. This is a nice solid Pinot Grigio. My neighbors liked the dryness of the wine. So this one may not be the wine for all my sweet wine lovers out there. But is definitely one to try for those who are moving from the sweeter wines however enjoy the citrus flavors this wine will provide.

Celebrating on of our Friends Birthday.

We are blessed to have sure a kind group of friends in our lives. We give thanks and celebrate them when we can. Happy Birthday Jacob 🎉🎉🎉🥂

#decopizzeria #thecrazywineladies #beingbecca
Jacob’s Birthday Celebration
#decopizzeria #thecrazywineladies #beingbecca
Jacob’s Birthday Celebration
The celebration continues #thecrazywineladies #beingbecca
The celebration continues
#duchmanwine #thecrazywineladies #beingbecca
Duchman 2015 Vermentino
Duchman 2015 Vermentino #winetour #thecrazywineladies
Duchman 2015 Vermentino

We tasted the Duchman Family Winery’s 2015 Vermentino. It was a hit 🎉🎉🎉 the table enjoyed the fresh crisp taste of this delightful wine. Our group took a tour last weekend of the Winery and they all purchased this little beauty. I missed the wine tour, however will make it a point to go out to there. Delightful Texas wine Located in Driftwood Texas. 

Santa Fe

Had a great time in Santa Fe. We met some friendly and interesting locals during our visit to the town square. We happen to be there while Santa Fe was having their annual Band Stand Festival. It’s a month long event of weekend activities that included a variety of bands from the region. As we approached the town square we heard Latin  music and initially thought it was a sound track of Santana but when we realized it was actually a live band, we were pleasantly impressed. It so happened it was a Santana cover band by the name of Smooth that was playing.

We also visited the Museo del Prado exhibit in Cathedral Park located next to the Cathedral of St. Francis of Assisi.  The exhibit is breathtaking. A must see if you’re in Santa Fe.  It runs until October 29, 2017.  google “The Prado in Santa Fe” for a look at some of the images being displayed.

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Santa Fe Bandstand 2017
Santa Fe Bandstand line up 2017 #santafebanstand2017
Santa Fe Bandstand line up 2017
Santa Fe Bandstand 2017
Santa Fe Bandstand 2017
Santa Fe Bandstand 2017
Santa Fe Bandstand 2017
Santa Fe Local with the Crazy Wine Ladies
Santa Fe Local
Cathedral Basilica of St. Francis of Assisi
The Prado in Santa Fe great images of some amazing works of art. Fantastic outdoor are gallery.
The Prado in Santa Fe
The Prado in Santa Fe outdoor gallery of amazing works.
The Prado in Santa Fe outdoor gallery.

Wine Tasting Meiomi Pinot Noir 2015

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Deco Winos
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Wine Tasting Meiomi Pinot Noir 2015

We loved this wine. You just need to be patient and allow it to breath for awhile. We found it to have a rich and sultry dark berry flavor with a seamlessly smooth finish.   The first glass was a enjoyable experience however, the second glass rewards your palette with luscious layers of flavors. Well worth the wait. This wine is a wonderful hostess gift. 

Unofficial wine tasting

Last Thursday we got together for an unofficial wine tasting. The one we tasted for this blog was the Petite Petit 2015 Petite Sirah. We found it to be a very good wine. Well worth the cost (found it under $15).We would recommend you chill it first then bring it to the table and let it breathe for a good 10 to 15 minutes.  You will not be disappointed if you can wait the 15 minutes. 😊Go out and pick one up and let us know your thoughts.  

This is not a sweet wine for my little sweet Winos 😊. 

Wine Tasting #thecrazywineladies #decowinos #petitepetitwine
The Crazy Wine Ladies at Deco
#thecrazywineladies wine tasting
Petite Petit
Petite Petit #thecrazywineladies #winetasting
Crazy Wine Ladies Tasting